Glacier-View Investigative Services Inc. – Vancouver Island

Glacier-View Investigative Services offers a variety of investigative, security and detective services.

We are comprised of an experienced team of professionals from various investigative backgrounds.

Below is a detailed list of our available services. Please contact us to schedule a free one-hour consultation to see if we can assist you.

Investigative Services

Private Investigator

Investigations can remove doubts and determine facts upon which good sound decisions can be made, by conducting:

  • Discreet inquiries
  • Observation
  • Surveillance


Personal, Workplace, Insurance.

  • Suspected frauds
  • Domestic situations
  • Child custody issues
  • Relationship issues

Missing Person / Locate

Law firms and individuals occasionally need to find people with whom they have lost contact with over time.

  • Locates/estate settlements for service of documents
  • Child and family maintenance issues
  • Service of divorce documents, foreclosures, etc
  • Certain condtions must be met to release information on individuals in compliance with the Privacy Act.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can establish what individuals are up to when such information is required relating to:

  • Insurance claims
  • Suspected frauds
  • Domestic relationships / possible affairs
  • Child custody issues

Due Diligence

Are you considering aquiring a new business or partner. If so you might want to think of the following:

  • Check out potential business partner
  • Business records
  • Credit history
  • Reputation

Personal Property & Contents

Pesonal and business inventory for insurance purposes.

  • Digital images and Video inventory of your possessions for insurance purposes.
  • Home, office, vacation properties
  • Replacement copies available upon request.
  • Should be regularly updated as your lifesytle changes


The best time to check out potenial employees is BEFORE you hire them.

  • Check references
  • Previous employment
  • Academic records
  • Neighbourhood
  • Reputation & Lifestyle

Rental property checks

The time to check out potential tenants is BEFORE you enter an agreement.

  • Homes, Condo’s, Cabins, Vacation Properties
  • Absentee landlords – avoid your property becoming a grow show site!
  • A ‘clause’ needs to be included in the rental contract with your tenants.

Home & Business Security

We provide a customized package and video record of your work premises and inventory.

  • For insurance purposes
  • Digital Records on CD or DVD

Child Sports Coach

Your child is your most precious asset. In this uncertain world, sometimes we must put our child’s safety in the hands of those who are unknown to us.

  • Check references
  • Previous volunteer positions
  • Reputation & Life Styles

Memberships & Accreditations